ParaNorman movie review

I’m not a fan of zombie movies or series, which means The Walking Dead is not something I would jump for joy. Bad memories when I first watched it and it was a marathon with my boyfriend. Don’t ask what happened to me because you might think that I’m a sissy and I wanted to try seeing it to know the story myself. I do like Zombieland however and I was excited to see this film after seeing the trailer a few weeks ago.
ParaNorman is about a boy, Norman Babcock, who can communicate with the ghosts who are still roaming about with the living. His life is not an easy one because where he lives, in Blithe Hollow, those who are different aren’t socially accepted. What makes it more difficult is that even his family doesn’t believe his in his ability and thinks of him as mediocre (not referring to the image on the below specifically but it is funny too). It is only until Neil Downe befriends him that he finds someone who believes in his ability and doesn’t have a problem with it. Everyone needs someone to back him up even if solitude is what’s appealing for the person.
During the rehearsal of his school’s play, a commemoration of an event that took place 300 years ago of the execution of the town’s with, he suddenly has visions of being in the woods but not as himself but as the witch. One of the schoolgirls was right. Witches don’t always wear a pointy hat and completely ugly looking.
On the way home, he and Neil are spoken to by Norman’s uncle, Mr. Prenderghast, and is told of his duty to protect the town as his uncle has been doing for years. Its both weird and funny how Neil manages to scare Prenderghast away when he says, Don’t make me throw this hummus… it’s spicy!. But Norman is left to do exactly as instructed but upon failing on his first attempt and the zombies come to life it appears to be more of a reverse of role.
Instead of the zombies attacking the townspeople it was the reverse. Even I felt sad about it. It is quite an adventure that even his own enemy helped him along with his older sister Courtney, his eccentric friend Neil, and Neil’s older and buff brother Mitch.
Norman comes to realize that he shouldn’t be following the ritual but to right the wrongs of the old citizens who executed the Agatha by sentencing her to death because she was thought to be a witch because like Norman, she can communicate with ghosts. It was an unfair judgement. They were afraid of her and didn’t know what to do but eliminate her thinking that it was the best for their town. Instead of reading the book to Agatha he confronts her and narrates her story to her tells her that it’s up to her how the story ends. He manages to convince her to remember the good times because life is not all downs but it has its ups too. This is definitely important for all of us because if we do think about it, we get carried away when we have our sad moments. We should be able to look passed the wrongs done to us or we did ourselves but recall the good times and look into making ourselves happy once more.
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