Party Style Outfit

Sankt Galler Fest is one of those events wherein the whole city parties and I thought to myself that I wouldn’t pass this opportunity up to show off my style since it is a party and you can go all-out as much as you want.

You’re probably saying that a Greek-themed style doesn’t exactly say “Partying, partying, yeah!” but with my combination you just might rethink that thought.

The dress for example is definitely the reason why it comes out Grecian. But it’s short, which I think definitely says “Party all night!” and it’s white and flowy, which makes it stand out in the night. The style simply adds elegance to my look, which I think balances it.

My hairstyle inspiration

I accentuated this look with a gold accessories to add color since my dress was all white, my makeup to add more flare to make my face appear more alive, and my hair. I wore a necklace and bracelet together with my sandals that have gold ornaments on them. As for makeup, I made it a point to make my eyes the center of attention by using a smokey eye style with a purple and gold eye shadow that adds drama.

I teased my hair to add volume and curled it in order to match my theme, although I’m not sure why I think it does. Probably because of the films I’ve seen that feature Grecian people and the women all have curly or wavy hair and I just love to curl my hair. I didn’t stick to a white and gold color combination. Because I said I used purple eye shadow, I couldn’t leave it at that. I used my purple Michael Kors strap-bag, which is small and perfect for bringing to parties. It limits how much I put in there because I do tend to carry unnecessary objects with me and much worse if I would end up bringing it to a party.

What I wore:

  • White, single-shoulder, strapped dress by Forever 21
  • Gold Necklace by Claire’s
  • Gold-ornamented sandals by Grendha
  • Small, purple, long-strapped bag by Michael Kors

*I’m not sure where the Gold bracelet was from because my mum bought for me years ago so I don’t really have an idea where it came from.

It’s perfect for both a day and night engagement and it’s very easy to do. But if you’re unsure then it’s best to practice first.

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