Fifty Shades of Grey book review

I admit, I didn’t finish the book myself but I do know the ending and so I may or may not spoil this book to you readers who have not finished the book yet so go go go away from this page if you don’t want to know what happens in the end yet or stay if you must because you’re tired of waiting like I was. This is going to be quick, I think.

I thought at first that it was amusing at first because Ana is sexually inexperienced and her thoughts were just funny. But then it got exhausting and sometimes I just think that there’s a lack of sense in my reading of this book. It becomes predictable later on and now I just find it plain boring. I don’t know what the¬†hullabaloos’ about, why people are going crazy about this book but I am definitely not intending to just read about a confused girl who suddenly has a fetish for wild sex and whose inner thoughts just makes me confused and gives me a headache.

Here’s the spoiler, which isn’t even surprising in the end: Greyand Ana break up and guess what happens in the next 2 books, they get back together again and then break up. This is just a series of break ups and make ups and repetitive inner thoughts from Ana banana about how handsome and to-die-for Grey is. I regret not reading reviews of this book.

*For those who like this book, I apologise for giving the book a negative review but it’s just not my cup of tea. For sure you don’t completely agree with the rest of my reviews too so I hope you don’t stop reading my blog just because of this.

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