Brave Movie Review

Yes, as soon as I got home from the cinema I opened my laptop to starting on writing this movie review. I’ve been watching Pixar movies since I’m not exactly sure when and love the short movies that come before them.

Before the start of this movie is a short movie called La Luna. It’s about a boy who is coming of age and is brought to work for the first time by his father and grandfather. It’s set at sea, where they row a wooden boat far out with no land in plain sight and then stops and waits. But something else awaits him, which makes the boy unsure of whose footsteps he should follow or pave a path of his own.

Disney’s Pixar Animations movie, Brave, is about a princess named Merida living in Scotland. She is a free-spirited girl who prefers to do archery in her spare time from princess lessons taught by her own mother, Queen Elinor. Her father, King Fergus is a comic in the story where all the fun and laughs come from. What’s great about this film is that young adults can relate to Merida. They understand how it feels not to be treated the way they feel they deserve or should be treated simply because they are seen as kids who should only follow and not be heard.

When Merida meets the witch in the forest she asks for a spell to change her mother’s opinion on her fate of getting married, unfortunately for her it did not satisfy her for instead of gaining a solution she made her problem into an even bigger issue. But she mends two bonds towards the end, one with the tapestry, which she tore with her sword, and the other with her relationship with her mother.

Merida isn’t ready to get married yet and couldn’t talk to her mother about it. Her mother is traditional and keeps to her conservative ways and hopes that her daughter would follow her footsteps. But Merida is too adventurous her princess ways and wants to lead her own life as do any kid. What she doesn’t know is that not all good things come just when we take the lead although she did teach her mum a few tricks for surviving in the woods when the unfortunate change happened to the queen. Here, we can see that both sides can learn something from each other once we take the time to listen and understand what we’re trying to say. Make them see what we see, make them feel how we feel.

It is only this theme of the film that I like to emphasis since it is what is also emphasised in the movie with all the dramatic effects such as Merida crying, everyone in the background falling silent, emotional music, and close-ups to the main characters and their long faces. However, it’s not all tears but laughter too as I’ve said earlier. I love the triplets the most both in human form and as bear cubs. They’re your typical rowdy kids who love to run around and play and just have fun. Even you have fun with them messing around with one of the helpers by taking the food tray and such. So that’s it for now. I’m leaving you with a trailerof the film. Enjoy!

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