My workout essentials. What’s yours?

There I was fixing my fitness drawer, which stores my sports attire for when I work out. I thought that sharing my routine might help those of you who are keen on losing weight or shaping your bodies. But just because you’re busy working your butt off doesn’t mean you can’t look good. If you look good, you’ll feel good and in the end it will be an incentive for you to keep up the good work once you’ve started.

Looking good doesn’t just mean that you’re wearing the perfect outfit or even wearing waterproof makeup. Don’t even bother wearing makeup no matter how waterproof it is because your natural oils will still wash it off. I’m talking about the comfort that makes you look your best even in your simplest attire.

My go-to sportswear is my green Under Armor running shorts from Heat Gear that looks like boxing shorts because of the blue-coloured waist band. It’s loose on the thighs, which make it breezy and cool for me. It doesn’t suffocate my waist making it even better because I find it breathable. The Adidas ClimaCool tank top is what I use to pair with my shorts. It fits me perfectly and it’s also breathable because of the mesh at the back. I wear Nike ankle-high sports socks, which I find very comfortable because they’re thin. As for shoes, I wear my volleyball rubber shoes by Adidas from when I used to play for the team in my old school.

When I’m working out, I listen to my music in order to keep me motivated. I suggest using songs that have fast beats. I use my ipod shuffle because it’s small and has a clip. I don’t need a lot of songs in it so I select just enough for the amount of time that I would need for working out. I wanted to get myself the earclip sports headphones by Sennheiser, unfortunately the store didn’t have them. I was only able to get the Sennheiser/Adidas Performance neckband sports headphone. Initially, I thought that the clips were much more effective in holding on to my ears when I do my runs but when I used the neckband for the first time, it held onto me perfectly and I didn’t have any feeling of it falling off, not even when I was sweating.

Recently, I’ve been bringing my phone with me when I run because of the Adidas micoach app, which keeps track of my runs. It logs the time and distance and analyzes them, showing accelerated pace and zones using graphs. This app can also be used for when you cycle or even when you just walk. I can never ever leave the house without a watch. Naturally, because of this I’m bound to own and use a sports watch, which is none other than my white FIV3 Beach Volleyball Swatch World Tour watch showing both the time and date.

Looking through this post, I realised that majority of my sportsgear come from Adidas and I wanted to be clear that I am not promoting Adidas or any other product in this blog. I am merely listing what items I have been using and have worked for me. I hope you liked this post and helps you if ever you’re needing to buy your own fitness attire or whatever gadgets you need or want to use when you workout.

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