Delirium by Lauren Oliver Book Review

The most important thing I noticed when I finished the book was the transition of Lena’s development from an ordinary citizen of a loveless city to one who is willing to sacrifice so much than to live without it.

It is quite noticeable because of how my mood was at the beginning. I was rather slow but I knew I had to speed up a bit, especially since I haven’t been reading continuously.

I felt just as dull as she did. It was as if life had no color everytime I read it. Upon meeting Alex is where her adventure starts and where I begin to be more excited. I am definitely a romantic but I know when a story has reached its peack. This, however, doesn’t.

The end of the story is where I was full of emotions just like Lena who is escaping from her home with Alex into the Wilds and are being chased by the police and regulators after being caught and monitored a few days before. By now, you can tell where my panic and the sudden rush of my blood comes from.

I believe that is the highlight of the story so far and some questions still rise from my head. Will Lena find her mother in the Wilds? Did the police kill Alex or will he be reunited with Lena like a fairy tale element in the story? Will what happened to Lena happen to Grace since they have a somewhat similar situation in the sense that they were left by the people they love and trust? There are more that come up but these sre the ones that bug me every now and then. But I need to move on the next book on my list.

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