We leave today from Geneva to Zurich by train, tomorrow to Düsseldorf by plane, and then Manila on Monday. It’s going to be quite a trip and we plan to make the best of it before I come back to Switzerland for University. What I bought today was just some stuff I decided I would use for my stay there that I have been eyeing out since the school year finished.
Basically, this blog has 2 parts, the writing part and the beauty part. It wasn’t easy looking for the stuff I needed for writing because I’m very demanding. I wanted something simple but also ornamented to inspire me to write.
I didn’t just want to buy something just for it’s cover but also to motivate me in doing what I love to do even if it looks like I don’t have the time. I intend to carry it with me wherever I go. Except when I go to a party, because not only would that be rude but it would also make the purpose of being in a party void.
We already bought some stuff yesterday since I don’t intend on bringing a laptop with me because we’re only staying there for 2 weeks. I’ll still be writing, I mean it literally with pen and paper. It doesn’t have anything to do with me avoiding electronic gadgets. I would still use my phone but perhaps only for Twitter and checking-up on Facebook.
For my writing gear we bought a hard, plastic envelope with garters or nylon strings to keep the contents sealed, a plastic zip-lock bag for keeping really important files and  inspirational images, lots of paper which I can also get there in case i run out of them, and post-it’s for marking pages of magazines with articles that I like.  I’m set for the writing part but here’s what I got today for the beauty part of my life.
  • Blue lace summery dress from C&A
  • The Color Workshop eye makeup palette
  • Mineralize skinfinish natural, sheertone shimmer blush, & eye primer from MAC
  • Turquoise forever & eternal gold color tatoo from Maybelline
  • Aloha nailpolish, ultra-gloss flash lipgloss, & riviera lipstick from Dior

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