Graduation Day Dilemma Solved

I was facing a dilemma 2 days ago because of the announcement at the rehearsal saying that they encourage us to wear our national costume since we’re in an international school. However, I’ve been looking forward to wearing a dress that I picked out from my closet the day my friend asked me what I was going to wear, which at that time never occurred to me that it mattered. So upon realising, in less than an hour I was already able to come up with a complete look. I’ve decided to put my hair up and use the Blue Mint nail polish from Mavala.

What I wore:

  • Blue, sleeveless dress from Sinéquanone
  • Pearl earrings, bracelet & necklace from Tesoros
  • White, long-strapped bag from Tally Weijl
  • Ballet flats from Pretty Ballerinas
Initially, I wanted to wear higher heels but during the rehearsal I saw that it was not possible for me to survive since I was seated at the very top of the Greek Theatre. Thankfully, her shoes match my dress so I’m wearing that today but it’s a little big for me since she has bigger feet. I’ll be sitting most of the time and will have to wait in-line for my turn to go down and up, which means that it will be at a manageable pace.

After the ceremony, we went home and it was time for me to change into my next dress for the dinner and party at the hotel for the graduates. I had 2 hours to prepare so what I decided to do was to just put my hair down and use a hair clip on one side of my hair. Surprisingly, it turned out great because not only did it look like it had volume but it looked like I had it done at the salon with the different features it had. I had the little waves from the braids and bigger ones from the bun.

What I wore:

  • Black Dress by Sandro Ferrone
  • Black, high-heeled sandals from Sugar
  • Earrings and necklace from Axxezz

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