OOTD: Graduation Rehearsal

Yesterday was my graduation rehearsal and it isn’t exactly something that you would normally dress for. But I thought that since everyone hasn’t really seen me since the last day of the exams in May, except for those who stayed, I might as well pretty myself a bit before the big day. I wore my hair down and simply used a headband to keep it in place. The nail polish I used for this look was Chanel’s Rose Exubérant nail polish. I thought this look would make me look not only casual but also elegant as I embraced the fine weather.

What I’m wearing:

  • Navy-blue and white striped blouse from Meg
  • Pink shorts from Zara
  • Shell necklace from Tesoros
  • Ballet flats from Accessorize
  • Blue, leopard-designed sunglasses from C&A
  • Brown, cross-body, messenger bag from River Island
  • Headband (I don’t remember where I got it from)
Filming the video for this outfit was funny. There was a school trip and so the area where we did the shoot was filled with them. For some reason they started pulling out their cameras and taking photos of me. It was a very fun and funny day for me. Even when they were leaving and we were only half way they were still staring and walking slowly while leaving with their teachers.
Click here to see the video.

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