Memorable McDonalds commercials

(I do not own the copyrights to this photo)
After we had dinner, my sister started talking about old Filipino commercials that she remembered. She showed me the 2009 commercial and told me how sad it is.
After 10 years, I recall the the sadness I felt watching the 2003 McDonalds commercial. I told her that this is sadder than the one she showed me. Seriously, tears started running down my cheeks when I first saw it. The last time I saw this, I was 9 years old and even now I still feel the same way about it. It’s sad but memorable.
In the end, I won because as soon as it ended, she agreed with me and immediately shared it on her Facebook profile. We laughed at each other at how we just get moved by these commercials. However, I haven’t been inclined to eat there but I’ve had fun moments there with my friends and in the play area when I was a kid.

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