OOTD: Color Splash!

Since today was very sunny and I was planning on going out and just chilling. I decided to be vibrant with my clothes. My makeup is very simple and less colorful so that it doesn’t compete with what I’m wearing. I painted my nails with Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in the color Mimosa. For my hair I just did a simple side braid.

What I’m wearing:

  • Floral, corset-type top from Topshop
  • Yellow, ruffled skirt and brown, leather belt from Zara
  • Colorful, bangle bracelet and shell necklace from Tesoros
  • Beaded, metallic, khaki brown pumps from Brunella
  • Chandelier earrings from Axxezz

It’s fun to wear on a nice sunny summer day like today. I must admit that the shoes wore me off rather than the other way around. It wasn’t that windy so even if it was warm, I didn’t feel like I desperately needed to be in a room with an AC on full blast, or maybe it’s because of the ice cream we had this afternoon.

However, I wasn’t the only one who decided to be dressy but my boyfriend too. Earlier this week we already went shopping for the summer clothes he could wear for our trip since he owns mostly black shirts and long jeans. I had to resist looking at the women’s section and it was difficult with all the new clothes for summer out and their pretty colors. I just took a mental note of the shops and articles that I would buy when it’s my turn to shop, well… when I have time this week or next week.

After another round of shopping, my younger sister met up with us and she decided that she would join us until she goes back to school. She’s having her exams so we don’t see or talk a lot now except when having dinner. She was dressed up too and tagged along while we took random photos and did some errands. So today turned out okay for all of us.

Feel free to watch it here.

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