Finding the bright side

My sister had me and my boyfriend watch this video with no particular reason attached. So while watching it I thought it was just a random music video she found and liked the music because I did like the music. This video is not just a music video, it helps raise awareness of people who are in need of support. I have already written about Bullying and so I will not start and then digress into something else. I want to focus on this video and how I found it useful. I do know that bullying was introduced as well in some of the scenes but it will make this too long and I wanted to go straight to the point.

What I liked most about the video are the transitions of the flashbacks. The scenes are timed perfectly, each moment fits with the next. The makers did well on their choice of music and story. I tend to listen to the lyrics and understand what it is about and it definitely fits the video. The message of the story from what I saw is about having a friend, but much more, having someone to listen to you.

Both characters had different problems but received the same treatment. They were ignored or it didn’t even come to the minds of the people they were living with that maybe there’s a reason for them acting so different. Instead, they merely judge the person. What happened to the times when you would trip and someone would come to you and ask if you were alright, or if they saw you frowning they would ask what the problem is.

For me, I see that the problem is not about not being able to control or monitor the people facing these problems but just being a friend to them. Knowing that you can count on someone helps lift the burden one carries. Being a friend also means that you are able to listen and understand each other. Maybe they don’t even have to speak to each other but have a sort of mutual understanding. Everyone needs a someone just like a pilot needing a co-pilot or a hero needing a sidekick. But before you ask another person to help you, you need to help yourself.

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