Bullying Academy. Your one-way ticket to a berserk education.

This isn’t about an actual school where bullying is taught as an academic subject. It is about how bullying is now starting at a very young age and how technology gives aid to conceal the wimps who think they’re the toughest that they can have fun at the expense of the other’s emotions. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about this subject. Pretty much because I haven’t had the experience since I moved here. Everyone’s all smiles and hugs and yes I’ve seen violence at some point but never have I ever been in the middle of a tussle here. However, after looking through discussions at a forum, I became aware again that bullying is still present and worse, it is starting at a younger age than when I was bullied. It has evolved with the presence of modern technology. Another means of showing cowardice hiding behind a piece of contraption because you can’t say it in front of his/her face.

Sometimes when I have my early lunch, I eat when the middle school kids are scheduled to have their lunch break. And I happen to hear the kids sitting right beside me, a group of boys and two girls. The boys were asking why Amy [not her real name] hasn’t been with her friends. They’ve been close ever since they were in primary school he says and yet now they don’t even acknowledge each other. Amy explains that she wanted to befriend Cara [not her real name] and the girls just wanted to keep Amy and their circle together, Cara was unwanted or unfit for their group. So Amy left and for the rest of the week she’s been spending her lunch breaks with Cara. I admire the boys for telling the girls that what they did was right because a person can have as many friends and befriend whoever she wants.

I told my friends when the secondary school lunch break came and we sat at out usual table about what I overheard. Jeanine [not her real name] told me that whenever she goes to the primary school to do her shift of taking care of the kids in the playground, she witnesses bullying in the jungle gyms or when they start playing innocent games and then someone who does not accept defeat becomes violent to the point that one has to start crying and run to her or she would have to go in the middle and pull them away from each other. Mike [not his real name] told me that he knows about those things happening since he picks his brother up. Apparently, showing weakness or incapability of playing the game makes you the loser and bullied by everyone by being teased and when the child can no longer handle the social pressure of their system, he breaks and chooses to attack in order to “settle” the problem at hand.

Because bullying starts from when they aren’t even capable of seeing their own mistakes, it becomes a practice as they grow older. With modern technology they are able to conceal it from people who do love them, thinking that they do not need help when they get into situations like these.Bullying today is much more out in the open than in the 19th century wherein you receive a blow from your enemy verbally and you respond in the same manner without showing other people of how angry you are. At least then they’d say it to your face and not in the form of an anonymous letter. Today it’s all about cowardice making yourself look tough but not tough enough to confront the person.

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