Hunger Games movie review

So after I read the book I watched it with my sister. As always when it comes to books being made in to films I tend to worry because it often happens that the story is not followed which ends up ruining it, well for me. It is understandable that it is difficult to make Panem realistic but they have. A lot of the props used are just right for the movie and the setting of the story.

However, just as my fears were, some parts in the book were not followed and to me they were very significant in the story such as the Mocking jay pin that was supposed to be given by Madge to Katniss during the visitation. Also the visit of Peeta’s dad to Katniss. For me, they both had a significance such that they play a part in the upcoming events. In the book it made me wonder why his dad visited her and what part does the pin play in the story. It seems like such a huge deal for it to come from the mayor’s daughter.

The scenes wherein Haymitch was supposed to give advice to them were also important because it showed a side of him that actually cares and knows what he is doing despite the initial appearance of his character being a drunk. Instead, the movie made him continuously look like a drunk and insufferable except for the scene when he went to get sponsors in order to send her an ointment for her burn.

Also the scenes that involve the planning of making Peeta and Katniss the star-crossed lovers from District 12. The theme of romance was not much played in the movie or at least I could not see it as much as I did in the book. They made Katniss look like she hardly cared about him the entire movie while in the book there was some feeling that was shown including the part when Peeta tells her when he started liking her. When his dad told him that he was supposed to marry her mum but she went off and married a miner. How Peeta knew from then that he had no chances with Katniss and then finds out that he does not have any competition. And also when Peeta finds out on their trip home that she’s only been playing a part for him and he ends up feeling betrayed. These scenes help build up the tension not only in Peeta and Katniss’s relationship but also Katniss’s relationship with herself and to Gale. The confusion she had when he said they could leave the district and survive and be well off with what they have. The film failed to show this one aspect that affects Katniss.

One thing I did like the most in the film is the scene that they added when Rue died. I think it would have been great if it was mentioned in the book. It almost made me cry, or maybe I would have if I was not watching with my sister. It shows so much emotion and drama. It shows exactly what the people of Panem feel about the Hunger Games. However, this confuses me when I think further because I recall from the book with the upheaval of District 13 which is now obsolete might end up being the same fate for District 11’s riot. It is a powerful scene and very moving. I hope it does not become a source of difficulty for Catching Fire.

It is only the riot of District 11 that was inspiring. But without the key scenes from the book being followed, the absence of the dialogue which are key to answering questions that arise in the beginning, presence and absence of characters also having roles in the story and help build it up, I can not like it more than how I do now. I might be choosy but it frustrates me when this happens and so this is all I think it deserves.

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