Hunger Games book review

At first I told myself when the film was soon to be out that if ever I desired to see it, I would read the book first. After much contemplation and convinced that I can actually like dystopia novels after reading Divergent I decided to start reading this book. I’ve been too excited and grown impatient to wait until I get the next book of the Divergent trilogy, Insurgent, that I thought in order not to lose my motivation in reading this genre I should continue reading books of the kind and so I thought this would suffice.

Turns out it did. It took me a maximum of 3 days to finish it, determined to find out what happens next. Very descriptive, including the emotions that I almost feel as if I am with the protagonist. However, I am also able to separate my thoughts from hers in some way I do not fully understand so in the end I’m reminded that it is a story that I am reading and that there is no real-life tv show that would make the young fight ’til one remains and is victorious with the killing of the other 23 tributes.

The story is amazing and very very much exciting. The vagueness of the rules make it much more difficult to resist anticipating the outcomes of the events. Romance is also a theme used but not so heavily. It is not the main theme but is also made significant by the author. It shows the wholehearted giving of one and the unsure return of feelings by the other. One, mostly I, can’t help but fall for the romantic moments too.

I love the balance this book has on its themes of love (romantic + familial), bravery and courage, and credibility. There are more themes but these are what stood out for me.

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