Divergent book review

I absolutely could not separate from this book. It’s like every second I’d have to continue reading. A definite must-read for those who are fans of dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games. In this series, the protagonist, Tris, lives in a society divided into 5 different factions; Amity, Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite. It is at the age of 16, in the choosing ceremony, that they will then select their choice of faction. Although it may seem that the choosing is difficult, it is the initiation process that makes it much more unbearable and yet as you continue to read, you get through it alongside the protagonist.

The narrative makes it easy to comprehend such that a second reading is not necessary. It also makes it much more exciting even if it is only told from one perspective. The mysteries and obstacles that Tris faces adds to the excitement of the reader. The links and connections from past to present makes the reader think outside Tris’s train-of-thought. Even the pain that she feels almost seem real for the reader as the images are powerful and stirring. 

I haven’t been a fan of Dystopian novels but now that I have read this, I can’t stop looking for more. I’m looking forward to reading the next, Insurgent, as it is out already. After that, I don’t know how long I can stand until the 3rd book comes out, Detergent.


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